Case Study Tesla

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Key Strategic Implications: The perception of Tesla is innovation, futuristic and appealing. Status is another word associated with Tesla, in countries like Norway and Sweden, the price you pay for the car is one-third of its value, compared to a gasoline or diesel car. They positioned themselves in the market that they both appeal to the high end customers, but also with the Model 3 they would reach a bigger fraction of the market they operate in. Tesla´s well known supercharger network, that recently just reached a 1,000 stations worldwide. Serves as a backbone to their plans of global expansion. Without these stations, even with the long range the cars offers, it is always a need to charge and refill the batteries. The production of a Tesla car, is being controlled all and alone by Tesla. Their factories are owned and operated by Tesla, and with the acquisition of Grohmann in Germany, they have further expanded their production to Europe. Also, mentioned earlier with a joint venture in China could further help the expansion into the Asian market. On the other hand, operating all alone in such a competitive market like the car industry, It can easily be limitations on their supply chain, when big companies such as Detroit´s Big Three are in the same market. Furthermore, Tesla is selling their cars through their website with no…show more content…
The car industry knows that the time of fossil fuels are coming to an end. Therefore, electrical cars are part of the future. We will one day depend on them, for companies like Tesla that has only made electrical cars they are currently in the "lead" so to speak, they have all their concentration on the market and are already established among the consumers. Meanwhile, the other big ones still have to focus on the market as it is today, even so many of them have plans for the future as
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