Case Study: Reading Is Fundamental (RIF)

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Parents are often encouraged to read to their infants and toddlers as it has been proven that reading improves cognitive development and comprehension. Reading with children broadens their knowledge as well as developing pre-reading skills (Steinberg et. al, p.159). But what happens to children once they reach adolescence? How do literacy skills affect them? In this paper I will assess, analyze and provide an evidence based intervention to address a gap in the community based program called Reading is Fundamental (RIF). RIF is a non-profit organization that primarily distributes books to elementary age children but promotes reading/literacy for children until they reach age 18. RIF’s primary focus is to motivate children to read (2014). The age group I will focus my investigation on is age 12, the age when children enter into adolescence. Adolescence is a time of great developmental importance where difficulties may manifest themselves particularly acutely. It is during this stage in life, when they are constantly…show more content…
Students who fail to meet social standards for achievement may have limited vocational opportunities later and they may exhibit more conduct and social problems in the school setting (Howell K., et al., 2006). It would be beneficial for RIF to implement this program as a continuance to accompany the work that students put in during their summer break. In order to take different cultures into account RIF tutors will be available who speak different languages. Books from around the world will help encourage multicultural student to read. In order to reach any student that need extra help rides to and from a designated safe study would be arranged. The purpose of continuing the program through the course of the school year is to improve overall academic reading success. In order to ascertain whether the program is successful a method of measurement will be

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