Case Study: Psychology And Pre-Law

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My chosen major is Psychology and Pre-Law. Psychology is defined as the study of the mind and behavior and how someone or a group of people think. I chose Psychology because during my middle school and high school years, I always studied how people would act and was always able to identify certain events or actions that trigger someone 's emotions or behavior to change. Most of the people I used to study was the people I had class with because most of them I saw every day and known them throughout my middle and high school years. Over the years, I learn the things that triggered changes in their attitude and behavior. I was able to identify when one of them was angry. When one was upset and didn 't want to bet bother and when one wanted to fight someone. After awhile, I realized that if I can be able to understand my classmates, then I know I can understand and help people as my career profession.…show more content…
During the interview, he suggested that I go for a major within either Health or Law since both or well paid career fields and most popular. I knew for a fact that I was not much of a Health and Science type of person but I did however, already had some knowledge from my high school Law Studies class. Much of the information I learned from the book I would go back home and do more research above what the book teaches. After the interview, I decided to move forward in going for a double major in Pre-Law because in my opinion, both Pre-Law and Psychology are similar to one another because you are helping people that have been put into situations or have mental problems that they may not be able to manage on their
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