Case Study: Pfizer Inc.

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History Working together for a healthier world is a global phenomenon that is on the minds of most. Everywhere you look internet, television, word of mouth, people are trying to live a beneficial life style. In order to have a life style for a better you sometimes requires the assistance of medication, Pfizer Incorporated, plays a significant contribution to this goal. Pfizer Inc., is an international pharmaceutical company which is considered to be one of the top leading companies in the industry. The company develops and produces medicines and vaccines for an array of medical disciplines including immunology, oncology, cardiology, dialectology, endocrinology and neurology. It is the producer of such medications as Lipitor, used for lowering…show more content…
With the knowledge of confection and chemistry the men combined their talents in produced a good tasting anti-parasite medication called Santonin, a drug used to eliminate intestinal worms which were a common ailment during this day in age. The medication was required to treat the worms consisted of a very bitter chemical compound to be taken three times daily for several days. Pfizer was able to combined his chemical talents with his cousins confectionary background to construct a palatable drug having the flavoring of a toffee sugar-cream cone. Enabling the those needing the drug a pleasurable taste, immediately launching the success of the company. Many of the details of the beginning of the company are unknown, it is thought that Pfizer and Erhart already had the idea for the Santonin in place before they made the journey to America. It was just a matter of them setting up a place of operations, funds to start them off and the opportunity to make the contacts among the pharmacist in the area for the success of for the launch for the product. Several feel as if this type of scenario falls in line with the later business plans of a steady but conservative approach. But one aspect of the company that is known was that by the time 1860's came around Pfizer had become well established. They were creating and providing a great deal of medications to the Union Army for…show more content…
It indicates how much the company spends on new products, research, and analysis. Pfizer's product mix includes human pharmaceuticals and animal health, as well as Capsugel, a two piece capsule used in filling liquid and nutritional supplements. The company provides products that treat cardiovascular and metabolic disease, central nervous system disorders, arthritis and pain, infectious, respiratory, urogenital conditions, cancer, eye disorders, endocrine disorders and allergies. However, most of the company's human revenues come from cardiovascular diseases, infectious disease, and central nervous system disorders. For their animal health portion they develop and sell products for prevention and treatment of diseases in livestock and companion animals. Making vaccines, antibiotics, heartworm medication, and so on. Besides the prescription based medication they having dealings in the over-the- counter medications having to do with primarily oral care, upper respiratory care, skin care, digestive, and eye care. Among these brands in the United States are Listerine mouthwash and toothpaste; Benadryl and antihistamine; Sudafed for sinus congestion; Zantac heartburn relief; home pregnancy test; Destine diaper rash cream; and several others. Having a brand that is well known will aid in a company's ability to assist in keeping with the goal set on how a company will be

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