Case Study: Primigravida

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Osmara is a 22yo, primigravida, who is currently 34 weeks 5 days. She has been followed for an elevated inhibin. On her visit 2 weeks ago she was noted to be LGA that was symmetric and growth > 90%ile. Amniotic fluid was normal but generous at 19 cm. In the last week, she has gained a fairly significant amount of weight and has noted edema. She does tend to wake-up with the edema but it can be relieved with elevation. She has an occasional headache and has not really taken Tylenol but otherwise has no visual changes or nausea/vomiting. On ultrasound, there is a live fetus in cephalic presentation. Amniotic fluid is generous but normal at 22 cm. Umbilical artery Doppler was within normal limits. BPP is 8/8. Osmara’s scan was overall
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