Case Study On UPS

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1. UPS World Port and the FedEx Super Hub provide a function of cargo integration as they entirely devoted to cargo operations. 2. We learnt that the operation of UPS World Port and the FedEx Super Hub showing how advance in technology help them succeed. Under the crush of an e-commerce revolution, both companies are forced to figure out the best way to be faster, smarter and cheaper in order to compete with others. 3. UPS is the world’s 9th largest airline and also best known of its ground delivery truck. 4. UPS World Port in Louisville, Kentucky can sorts about 416,000 packages for an hour. For a night is about 1 million. Whereby during peak season like Christmas there is a 1.6 million packages. 5. A Boeing 777 being loaded with packages…show more content…
UPS was established in 1907, in Seattle Washington under the name America Messenger Company. In 1919, America Messenger Company changes name to United Parcel Service. For a day, UPS can delivered about 2,200 packages. 7. The delivery volume of UPS keeps growing for each generation. In 1959, the volume reached about 723,000 packages. 8. With growing demand for faster service, by 1982, UPS Next Day Air Service was available and the volume of packages hit 6.4 million per day. The volume continued growing and reached 15 million packages per day in 2010. 9. In 1973, a former marine Vietnam Viet Fred Smith founded Federal Express. On the first night of business they delivered 186 packages. However, by 1974, the daily volume increased to 10,000 packages. 10. After 20 years later, Federal Express officially adopts “FedEx” as its brand as the shorter delivery time and the shorter name. 11. In 1998, FedEx launches ground and home delivery. And by 2010, FedEx has up to 8 million packages per day. 12. The two delivery giant UPS and FedEx consist of 25 million packages per day which UPS achieved 15 million packages and FedEx reached 8 million packages in 2010. 13. In FedEx all the packages are pushed off a conveyor belt at a diverter, which sends the parcel on its way toward its eventual
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