Case Study On Mental Health

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Introduction: Mental health is a person’s conditions which can relate to their emotional, social and physical well-being, stated by Beyond Blue (2016). The aim of our session presented was to teach younger students about problem solving skills, self- growth and self- awareness relating to mental health. The dictionary thesaurus (2017), stated that Self-growth can be described as the growth of a person feelings, which can include the development of positive life skills and having a realistic and healthy self- esteem. Whereas self- awareness is the conscious knowledge of ones characters and feelings. Therefore, mental health can be prevented through completing simple activities that will help student’s improve their sense of self and well-being. …show more content…

Our activities presented included a post card activity that was aimed at getting the students to write down words to describe how they are feeling as well as a sentence about how they want to be in the future either emotionally, socially or career wise. Our other activity involved the students writing with chalk some problems that they are facing right now, this may have included sporting or family issues. We then gave the students a cup of water and asked them how they can overcome the issue they have written down. The students then washed away the problem with the water. I believe that this made the students feel fulfilled and happy after completing the activities, because they were able to talk and write down words or feelings that they might not usually feel they are able to talk about. Both activities were aimed at getting students to talk about problems, solve them, and develop their self- growth and self- awareness. Therefore, the students were able to develop and understand the bases of mental health in young people today, through completing hands on …show more content…

I feel that this is necessary when explaining the activities, because it would then relate back to the session plan that was meant to be followed. If this was to be accomplished next time the activities are completed, then I believe the session would flow better and be improved upon. Other than that our collaborative teamwork skills were maintained throughout the entire session. Therefore the students not only enjoyed the activities but learnt something new about self-growth and self- awareness and their own mental health

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that mental health is a person's condition which can relate to their emotional, social and physical well-being, stated by beyond blue (2016).
  • Explains the role of prevention for mental health in adolescence, which includes family issues, social media bullying, depression, anxiety, psychotic disorders or personal issues.
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