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Case Analysis Questions on Bharti Airtel Limited Q1: What must Bharti do well to succeed in the Indian mobile phone market? What are Bharti's core competencies? By 2003, Indian mobile phone market has shown vast economic growth where they transformed the Indian telecommunications from Indian mobile operators using 2G(2nd generation) technologies which is GSM or CDMA to 2.5G and 3G technologies. By 2008, wireless market had US$10.9 billion in their pocket with 18% contributed by wireless services which peaked Indian phone market into higher level , after all they started with US$1.5 billion. Indian operators have different business strategy unlike American and European operators they sell mobile phones and mobile telephone services separately; business was partitioned with 60% prepaid services and 40% postpaid services. During 2003, Indian market was highly competitive; Bharti Airtel Limited is one of the leading Indian operators with other major competitors BSNL, Hutchinson, Reliance, Tata, Idea Cellular, and MTNL, but Bharti had operations in both the fixed and mobile segments. Bharti's core competencies: • Mobile Services (64% Bharti revenues): Customer service was the main focus which lead Bharti into conquering the major market share of 40% in six out of 15 regions. Customers were attracted to entertainment features including prepaid and postpaid billing options. • Long-Distance, Group Data, and Enterprise (30% revenues): Bharti connected all major cities using high-speed fiber-optic network. Wireless services was provided to customers with features like broadband, long-distance, videoconferencing and voice line services to business customers. • Broadband and Telephone Services (16% revenues): Bharti offered both wire... ... middle of paper ... ...he above. • Vendor Failure to Deliver: Hardware and software applications which is already been using might not be supported by IBM and If IBM can adjust working with other vendors. In addition, High risk of failure in deliverables. • Culture : I will think deep about employees working under Bharti which is nearly 1,000 staff members. As Bharti is a small company staff members might be in a turmoil about working under different international vendor which is worldwide and also not sure if the vendor would hire every staff members. Bharti is an Indian company and the culture is different where they do not encourage hire/fire . • Knowledge Transfer: Outsourcing can frighten all the board members considering the dependency given to the vendors. Also, bharti has many IT organization such as SingTel and others should agree to share knowledge between other vendors.

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