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Problem This Case describes the entry of 18th Car Brand in India i.e Volkswagen in India. It also describes the important role played of the team Volkswagen in India to achieve their market achievement. After its entry in Indian market it has reached to a total market share of 3.6% and planning to reach 5% by 2015 according to the Head sales of the company. The Company major problem is to how to market their cars to customers and with new Models and strategies in order to achieve more market gain in terms of their sales and market capturing in India among all the 18 Car Making brands available in India. It ranges from marketing of the Product, Competitors pricing, challenges towards their vehicles sales and services, New technology as per…show more content…
Innovations led by other competitors and adding features in their cars at lowers costs which cannot be matched by VW due to its import of vehicles in india 2. Costs of Fuel can play an important role 3. Government Rules and regulations may affect VW a lot Strategic Alternatives 1. VW should focus more on Pricing and after sales and services 2. Currently Maruti and TATA are having the best after sales services in india and the motor parts are easily available in india of these brands. 3. VW Should also focus more on adding more dealers and more car brands in order to capture more market segment 4. VW should focus on all categories ranging from low segment cars to high segment cards 5. VW Falls in Premium market segment, They can focus on other segments as well, by doing so they will have access of large pool of new customers Recommendations 1. Should focus on Make in India more. Manufacturing cars of all the brands in India will give access to more customers, more government subsidies as their manufacturing units will generate lot of employment in India and it will be a win win situation for both the company and local government 2. Indian car market is the 10th largest car market in the world with the annual sales of around 14,00,000 cars annually and it expect to grow till 4 Millon by end of…show more content…
Keeping their Marketing Campaigns as it is and keep creating the brand awareness through the print and electronic media in India. 4. VW should target smart users from Urban areas which has a high spending powers Conclusion Although VW was a late entry in Indian market but it still has a lot of opportunities in india. Being an German Brand it has acquired a lot of brand awareness among the customers in india. It’s new launch of cars and relaunch of cars, proper marketing of the brand has reached to consumers and can increase the sales

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