Case Study Of Vans

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America is a country run by big business, from the clothing we wear to the pens we use. You can no longer live a comfortable life and not support a big business or two. But with so many companies out there, its impossible to know if the company you are buying from is a good company to support. A company like Vans though is a company that can be trusted. Vans are an American founded company that believes strongly in giving back to customers and the community. Paul Van Doren, his brother Jim Van Doren, friend Gordon Lee, and Belgium Serge D’Elia founded vans in the year 1966. Together the men built a factory at 704 Broadway Street, in March of 1966. Vans soles were thicker then any shoe of the time. The company used better canvas and different thread so the shoes could withstand anything. Vans first started by opening ten stores in ten weeks. A year and a half later there were now 50 Vans stores. In 1975, vans realized that they had a large amount of customers who were skateboarders. Noticing how the skaters wore out the toe and hell of the shoes, Vans started making tat park of th...
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