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In my opinion, I think that the proposed Facebook media plan was genius and perfect for the UnMe Jeans brand. The fictional character proposed, Sasha, would add to the brand’s identity. Brand mascots are known to take the role of the ‘spokesperson’ with their own Facebook pages. Brand mascot Facebook pages allow the brand to interact with its customers in a way that is more appealing than directly through the brand’s page. Brand mascots can also help to build relationships and amplify emotional connections (Clements, 2013). UnMe Jean’s target market were women of ages 12 to 24 that tended to be social and taste leaders in their schools and communities (Steenburgh & Avery, 2011). When reading this case study on UnMe Jeans, I started to recall…show more content…
By 2006, 61% of teens, 80% of young adults (18–21), and 29% of adults over 18 were using social networking sites. Also, social networking sites had higher page views per person and longer surf times than other types of websites (Steenburgh & Avery, 2011). If UnMe Jeans pursued the Facebook media plan, it would allow them to target the largest audience in one of the fastest growing social media…show more content…
The company can gather candidates either by holding a contest or scouting out social media users. Within my own social media usage, specially Instagram, there are many ordinary people that are brand ambassadors. This can be seen within the health and fitness users that are sponsored by brands such as Nike, Puma, and Premier Protein. UnME Jeans can use social media to their advantage by creating a brand ambassador program. These young women would post pictures, videos, and comments about the brand creating brand awareness. This is a cost effective way of marketing a

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