Case Study Of The Illegal Incident At Springfield Arms Apartment

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s an owner of an investment property and a property manager who rents out two apartment units, experience has dictated that there are a lot of things that an owner needs to be mindful of when operating a business. It is very important the owners are knowledgeable of the laws that apply to their organization in order to be prepared and prevent possible lawsuits from the city and citizens. The illegal incident that took place at Springfield Arms Apartments, an apartment renting business used primarily for students, is a classic breaking and entering case which questions who should be legally responsible for the damages that occurred. Is it the responsibility of the ownership party or are the intruders to be held accountable? Whichever the case,…show more content…
Noticing the commotion, Darryl—the resident manager—came to Sharon’s aid. This resulted in both Sharon and Darryl receiving seriously injuries while trying to stop the attacker. In this instance, I believe that the fault and responsibility for the situation falls on the intruder. This is because he broke into a locked apartment, entered uninvited and was the cause of the damages and injuries. These are criminal charges and the intruder will be arrested and should be held liable for the damages to the apartment, for the mental and physical injuries of the victims, as well as for the medical bills that occurred as a result of this…show more content…
Tort laws apply to any individual who has been a victim of physical, legal or any economic harm. This individual is then entitled to a lawsuit under the tort law. In the case of Sharon and Darryl, in which an intruder broke into the bottom floor sliding glass door and caused injuries to both victims some of the tort laws applicable to this situation are negligent torts, international torts and the strict liability torts. Negligent torts are cases in which negligence or failure to perform a duty with due diligence occurs. For example, an unethical medical practice in which a doctor by passes certain procedures that ultimately resulting in the patient suffering setbacks during recovery is one example of a negligent tort. Intentional torts are civil wrong doing that happens when an intruder is involved in intentional acts that has the potential of causing harm or damages to another person. For example, say John Doe gets into a fight with his coworker Mark Thomas and strikes him in the face; this is an intentional act that would constitute the tort of battery. On the other hand, if Mark strikes John accidentally, this would not be an intentional tort since there is no reasonable ground of intent. This can however be a negligent act since careless acts that results in injuries is a form of negligence.

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