Case Study Of TOMS Roasting Company

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The product that I have chosen to focus on for this assignment is TOMS. TOMS originally started as a shoe company, with its mission being that with every pair of shoes sold, a pair of shoes was given to a child in need. The motto of the company is “one for one”. The company has now branched out into sunglasses, bags, and a company they have launched called TOMS Roasting Co. which sells coffee (TOMS 2016). What I have found to be the most interesting feature of the shoes is the fact that the actual shoes that are donated to children are at a much higher quality than the ones you and I would purchase at a department store. The reason for this, owner Blake Mycoskie has said, is that with the many different climates of the countries they…show more content…
People like to feel like they are doing something good for others, so profits will likely continue to stay steady. I feel like the potential with this product is endless, as the company has already proved with the expansion it has shown in recent years. I personally think that they can add product lines such as pet products (like dog collars and leashes), or winter coats and hiking boots. In keeping with the spirit of “one for one” the pet items can provide for local animal shelters, and with the coats, these can provide the needy with a warm coat for the cold months. My SWOT analysis of the company is: Strengths: • With its giving spirit, the company is penetrating the market in other countries where other countries are not even entertaining the thought of going. • They are producing jobs in many countries where it would be difficult to find on (the shoes they give away are manufactured in the same country). • Very rarely do they have to pay for advertising. Word of mouth and the internet have basically marketed the product for the company. • Products are reasonably priced and make the consumer feel good about the
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