Case Study Of Strategic Change Management

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Strategic change management is basically the method of “managing change” under thoughtful and structure approach for meeting up the organisational objectives, missions and goals. As mentioned by Casadesus-Masanell & Ricart (2010), change is important for the firms in order to continue to meet, exceed and thrives the rivalry of industry competitors. There are various models that can be implemented in managing the entire process of change. Three models that will be used in this analysis include “Change Kaleidoscope model”, “Cultural Web model” and “Kotter’s 8 Change Steps model”. The major objective of the case analysis is basically to recognise the knowledge depth of the individual and to make them aware of diverse kind of strategic analysis tools which is normally useful in “real life” business situations. These strategic comparisons and approaches with the change model will lead to help the strategist and managers for better understanding the business situation in the world and learn more…show more content…
Hope Hailey & Balogun (2002) developed the “Change Kaleidoscope model” for considering diverse elements and implementing options which needs consideration at the time of change. In various case studies, this model has been utilised in the form of an instrument for analysing organisations and industries. Basically, this tool can be utilised within the change aspect. There are “eight factors” that are emerged from the diverse literature (Sullivan & Mainiero, 2009). This identifies the need for change and difficulty of change designs under the given condition. This is to note that when change is “transitional”, this “Change kaleidoscope model” works effectively. Change kaleidoscope is an essential device for reviewing and evaluating the change
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