Case Study Of Santaquin's Small Business Problem

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Santaquin’s Small Business Problem
As I’m driving down main street, I notice that Santaquin is a small and quiet town. The post office is an older building and the bank rests in between some trees. Stone Ridge Plaza is a tall and proud building. As the tallest building in town, standing a total of four stories tall it stands firm saying Look at me see how wonderful I am. Three stories is dedicated to apartments and housing for people. The First floor is meant for business. The only problem is, that so many different businesses have been in and out of that building you never know what 's there but, why does this happen? I believe that it is due to the fact of many different reasons. Some of the reasons are as followes. Imagine this, what if you needed a new
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It is also very close, which makes it convenient to go to. It is also very convenient because of the price. Due to the fact that it is a big chain store they have the opportunity to have cheaper prices. The reason that Wal-Mart can do this is because Wal-Mart is an anchor business. According to Mayor Kirk Hunsaker. This is one reason that Santaquin has a small business problem. Santaquin doesn’t have an anchor business. (Mayor Kirt Hunsaker, Personal Communication, February 6, 2016) We just have small businesses that exist together. If we were to have an anchor business, small business could settle in around the anchor store and thrive. I think that one reason that people don’t shop in Santaquin is due to the geological location. If we look to where Santaquin is located on a map of Utah County, it is on the southern end of Utah County. Most of the population is located in northern Utah County. As people travel from southern Utah they might stop in Santaquin for a pit stop. But, they will more likely stop in Nephi for a pit stop. And if people are traveling to southern utah most likely will have got everything they need before they left

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