Case Study Of PRIMARK

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PRIMARK’s Introduction:
This is an international clothing brand around the Europe and UK. Apart of that company has more than 250 stores and also looking for open the store in USA. Now, company management team decide to open the branch in New Zealand and hire me as a manager of the store. I will take care all the company objective and goals to be success.
Q: 1: Henry Mintzberg management roles:
Role category Role type Role nature
Interpersonal Figure head
Liaison I will design the clothes after analysis the external market environment and market situation.
Being a manger, this is my duty to lead my team and motivate them for achieve the company goals.
This is my duty to participate in my team and communicate with them. It is important
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PRIMARK has no solution to face this kind of problem in their store. However, Being a manger, this is my duty to safe all the employees and customer in the PRIMARK retail store.
Q: 3:
Task focus:
This is belongs to work task and focus base on bureaucratic organization.
Hierarchal structure: This is to PRIMARK company organize all the position on hierarchal structure. Upper level management team take care the low level management but low level management cannot make decision their self they have to get the permission from upper level.
Management by rule: PARIMARK makes the rule and regulation equal for all the employees. There would be no partiality among the employees.
Organization by functional specialty: This is to organize that distribute the task to relevant skills and experience employees by PRIMARK.

People focus:
This is belongs to social interaction, human behavior, needs, demand and group process. Allover, this theory related to human perspective.
Being a manager, this is my duty to make happy to all the employees in PRIMARK. I will participate in my team and listen their problem then try to solve as much as. Being a human, I will also help to employees personally if some somebody
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