Case Study Of Ocular Hypertension

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1. a) Three crucial things a business must manage is to have a common set of goals, then establish a market opportunity, and be ready to recover from a financial crisis.
b) Technology is the application of science for the benefit of society and technology is a development of machinery used for scientific knowledge.
2. There are patients that have ocular hypertension which is high pressure in the eyes. When this ocular hypertension is left untreated, it can lead to glaucoma. Usually when people have glaucoma they have to treat it with eye drop frequently. ForSight Vision5 is a product for people that they can be put into their eyes as a replacement for eye drops that is a therapy for glaucoma and other eye diseases. When he passed around the product I was very intrigued how that ring can fit in your eye. Currently this vision 5 is still in clinical trials but have a lot of investors interested in their product. This product releases the drug slowly in a period of months.

What I am interested in is after the phase 1 trials that passed and currently in phase 2, what are the chances that this product will pass FDA approval. I think that since as the trials phases increase more and more volunteers will be need for the clinical trials and they have no idea what size of eyes the volunteers have I think that they will lose a lot of money just buy making enough Helios insert for all the volunteers. If the trial fails can they try to make this drug in another country that has less restriction. Additionally, when he showed us his research and how he made a lot of different models for the ring. I was really curious why he chose this model where it does not really wrap around the eye, rather than its just a regular circle. I was wondering wh...

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...ries. However, the news report says that it is the State that has direct authority over specialty pharmacies and they don't do a very good job in regulating them. Since the FDA tests whether a drug is safe before letting the public use it, I think that it would be very beneficial for the public if it also regulated specialty pharmacies.

If that was the case, the lethal medicine that caused the meningitis outbreak may not have been able to be given to the public. The article also noted that specialty pharmacies such as the NECC shipped over 17,600 doses of uninspected pain injections to 23 states. If the FDA had the authority to impose their strict inspection and regulate the NECC, then they would not have been able to ship any dangerous drugs to other states. This article proves how important and how advanced FDA regulation is compared to State regulators.
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