Case Study Of Moody's Investors Service

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Company: Moody’s Investors Service
During the last FOMC meeting, the committee observed some notable changes in the economic and the financial situation. Economic activity continued to expand at a moderate pace. The main aspects of the subject meeting are:
 Unemployment Rate: The FOMC observed that the labor market conditions had improved considerably. Unemployment rate, which is widely considered as a good economic indicator of labor market has edged down to 5.8% in October and stayed stable in November. Furthermore, this is supported by the fact that the employment-to-population ratio rose slightly. The increase in private sector job openings, decrease in part-time workers and increase in hiring rates further provide concrete evidence that labor markets has improved considerably.
Inflation: The declining energy prices has a huge impact of the domestic as well as global economic situation. Even-though the inflation targets of the committee aren’t met, the inflation has improved slightly as the overall consumer
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In-appropriate and untimely investments can result in huge losses to the investors. Moody’s potential customers can be those who require economic region assessment. Such customers can be up-coming companies looking for global expansion. For example, Under Armour has been performing well in the North America. However, it has limited global presence resulting in 95% of its revenues from North America1. Moody’s can attract such customers and provide economic evaluation of the regions. This can help companies allocate their budget rationally in their future ventures. This can be easily tracked by observing the global markets and central bank policies of various economies. Moody’s can form strategic relationships with leading banks and credit societies. Such tie-ups can bring in customers who seek credit from these banks to Moody’s for risk
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