Case Study Of Mariska's Designs

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1.0 Overview
According to Caribbean Export Development Agency, Sonia Noel is one of Guyana’s leading designers and over the last 19 years, has become one of the most recognizable names in the Caribbean fashion industry. Prior to this, Noel operated a boutique, which imported clothing for purchase. Even though this boutique housed some of the finest international clothing brands, Noel opted for a personal style that was more reflective of her Afro-Amerindian heritage, much to the delight of her customers. This prompted the fashionista to create the label Mariska’s Designs. Motivated by her older daughter, this brand represents the many waters, forests and animals of the region. This has created a unique hybrid of Guyanese artistry, Caribbean
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The business is mounting a challenge to existing foreign clothing lines and differentiate itself as a best cost provider of local manufactured, quality garments, through its marketing strategies and brand awareness. MD/SN is maximizing its advantages as a leader of niche products in the clothing industry. The company's goal in the next year is break into new markets and attract a larger support base. MD/SN in the regional market intends to employs a broad differentiation strategy since the company seeks to differentiate it product offerings from rivals’ in ways that appeal to a broad range of buyers within that market…show more content…
Moreover Hill, Udayasankar and Hou (2013) views globalization as an amalgamation of divergent national markets into one global marketplace that brings global products and services together and takes advantage of national differences in cost and quality. Having developed such a successful brand in Guyana MD/SN is looking to capture regional and international niche markets. The first phase of expansion focuses on regional expansion. The two markets that are currently being explored are neighboring Brazil and Trinidad and Tobago (See Appendix I for country

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