Case Study Of Labelle V. Rogers Communications

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Labelle v. Rogers Communications Inc.
Deborah P. Labelle filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission on September 3, 2009 against Rogers Communications Inc. The complainant, Labelle feels that Rogers Communications Inc. the respondent, discriminated against her because she is a woman. This falls under section 3 of the CHRA which covers and protects against sex discrimination. Labelle alleges she was treated differently compared to her male counterparts and was eventually fired from her position. The complainant filed this complaint on the grounds of sex discrimination.
The Commission on the date of April 8, 2011 announced to the Tribunal and the alleged parties that is would not be involved in the hearing directly. They enclosed
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In the future Rogers has lots of options available to them when an employee has a complaint regarding sex discrimination. Often times letting a person go, will create more conflict, there are some simple strategies that exist to mediate the problem before it develops. Conflict management and regular meetings with employees can help limit problems in the workplace. Listening to employee feedback and consulting employees with problems can often times bring light to an underlying problem. These problems do not necessarily start and grow from within the workplace environment but have the potential to create problems with coworkers and even management. In this case Rogers had the ability to intervene before Ms. Labelle felt that she was being discriminated against. Preventative employee consulting with higher risk candidates has the potential to solve a lot of problems before then develop into something more serious. An in-depth performance review has the ability to highlight some key areas of improvement. At this point the employer and employee can set common goals and both can compromise on areas of weakness to develop them into strengths. By engaging with the employee, the employee has the chance to feel like more of a person and less of a number in larger companies such as Rogers…show more content…
There are many preventative measures that even the smallest employer can take to ensure these claims are to the absolute minimum. The rules and guidelines that the company have put in place should be available to each and every employee right from day one of employment. The rules should be explained from someone of authority to ensure the seriousness and gravity of the situation around sexual harassment in the workplace. Each and every employee should feel comfortable, safe and secure while within and on the grounds of the place of employment. Furthermore the employer should take the opportunity to refresh these rules and guideline with each and every employee on regular intervals to ensure maximum employee
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