Case Study Of Kurt Snyder's Schizophrenia

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Kurt Snyder’s schizophrenia was brought on from environmental factors, as well as abnormal brain structures and chemistry. He never mentioned this in the story, however it diagnosable. During his first year of college was a stressful time for him, and this was when he experienced his first symptom. He could have saved his academic scholarship if he went to a psychiatrist sooner, and explained to them what exactly was going on. Although that is not what happened for Kurt Snyder. He kept experiencing positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia. His positive symptoms were delusions, hallucinations, and disorganized thoughts. (Snyder, 2007).
Delusions are false personal beliefs that have no basis in reality. In Kurt’s case, he always had the delusion that someone was plotting something against him. Hallucinations are false sensory impressions. They hear, smell, or see something that it not really there. Disorganized thoughts were mentioned earlier, considering that was his first symptom of schizophrenia. Negative symptoms are flat effect, alogia,
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He stayed home most of the time, unless he wanted to go get coffee or food. He did not do any production work, other than programming his friends mutual fund applications. During this time, he went on a road trip to figure out his mathematical principle that has been on his mind for the last 10 years. He purchased an open-ended rail pass to travel to Glacier National Park, and Chicago. Paranoia sat in quickly, and he got off the train, abandoning his luggage. He soon got lost in a town, and went in someone’s house to make a phone call. The home owners took Kurt to the police station, where he was then sent to a medical center. His parents picked him up a few days later, and the nurse told them that they should have him evaluated by a psychiatrist. They had Kurt admitted in a mental health institution in Baltimore (Snyder,