Case Study Of Klebsiella

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Klebsiella is named after 19th-century German microbiologist, Edwin Klebs (Frey, 2015). To be specific, Klebsiella genus bacteria are gram-negative bacilli that measure 0.6-6.0μm in length and 0.3-1.0μm in diameter and are arranged in singles, pairs, or short chains. Also, these bacteria are non-motile, non-spore forming, encapsulated with a polysaccharide capsule, and facultative anaerobic (Holt, Krieg, Sneath, Staley, & Williams, 2000). Unfortunately, the polysaccharide capsule protects this bacteria from being destroyed by the immune system, and when it enters the body of an immunosuppressed person through wounds in the skin or inhalation of the bacteria, it can cause many diseases including pneumonia, urinary tract infections,
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Generally speaking, treatment may last 14-21 days, dependent on the severity of the case, and that treatment must be completed to prevent reinfection. Some severe cases of pneumonia may require surgery to remove gangrenous tissue or lung abscesses. Remarkably, there is no vaccine for the prevention of Klebsiella infections; however, good hygiene and wearing personal protective equipment like face masks, gowns, and gloves in a hospital setting, can help reduce the possibility of contracting this type of bacterial infection or infecting others (Frey,…show more content…
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