Case Study Of Jy Shamblee

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Foster child, Jade Shamblee, was replaced from the kinship foster home of Audrey Shamblee (paternal aunt) on May 21st, 2015. A report was received on the above date with the allegation of lack of food, clothing, and shelter regarding Albert Shamblee and Ernest Shamblee against Audrey Shamblee and Polly Shamblee (Polly Shamblee will always be identified by her first and last name throughout this documentation). Jade Shamblee was not listed on the report.

The foster parent requested this Foster Boarding Home Replacement Review because she opposes the replacement of the child.


Jade was placed in foster care on March 8th, 2013 due to concerns regarding biological parents, Dashawina Broads and Albert Shamblee Sr. Jade
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Jade is not school age and is not receiving any daycare or babysitting services. Jade is not receiving any direct services from the agency. The permanency planning goal for the Jade is adoption. Ms. Shamblee was being viewed as a viable resource prior to Jade’s replacement. The next permanency hearing is scheduled for September 22nd, 2015.


Agency Supervisor, Thereah Ivey, stated that she was informed that Ms. Shamblee had an active case with the Office of Special Investigation (OSI) on May 21st, 2015. Ms. Ivey conveyed that the concerns of the OSI report involved Ms. Shamblee’s home being observed in deplorable conditions; the bathroom was inhabitable, the home was unkempt, Jade slept in a common area (the living room of the home), extreme clutter was observed, peeling paint, and an abundance of electrical wires hanging from different locations.

Ms. Ivey added that another concern the agency had involved Ms. Shamblee being arrested on March 29th, 2015 for criminal possession of marijuana in the fifth degree. Ms. Ivey voiced that the agency is unaware if there is a pending criminal court case against Ms.
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