Case Study Of Jmart

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1 PRODUCT There are many items that sell at the J-mart. The owner has to order more staple merchandises because those kinds of merchandises were the store basic stock. Besides that, those kinds of merchandises normally will have more demand by the customers. The owner needs to have enough goods on hand in order to satisfy the customers and to prevent out of stock situation. Next, for the assortment merchandise the owner can order in the quantity that less than staple merchandise because those kinds of merchandises were not the store basic products. This is to prevent excessive merchandise in the store. Besides that, in order to manage the store financial level, the owner of the J-mart can order the goods that have more customers buy…show more content…
This is because the location can determine how successful or failure a store in the future. As we know, Jmart is located in an unplanned business district. The problem that encounter by Jmart is inadequate parking slots and this problem will become serious during the weekends. Besides that, there also will having floods during the rainy season. In order to improve these problems, the owner needs to construct more drainage channel around the store, so that the rain water can drain away smoothly. For the parking space problems, the owner can try to avoid park their own car in the parking slots and leave the space for the customer’s car and increase more parking slots near the…show more content…
This method is more systematic compared with others. In addition, it also makes the payment process more fast because the cashier just needs to scan for the bar code rather than type the price one by one. Furthermore, this can also reduce the mistakes that maybe done by the cashier when do calculating on the prices. The last suggestion is the owner of the store has to update their price regularly so that the prices of the products are not outdated.

6.4 PROMOTION As we know, J-mart uses the personal selling strategy in order to promote it products to their customers. J-mart can offer discount for the loyal customers so that they remain to purchase the daily products with J-mart. By giving benefits to the customers the customers will help to promote the store to others. J-mart has its own store website to promote it store. Most of the business will use the Internet to promote their products and services. In order to compete with the competitors, J-mart has created a website for their company. By using this method, the customers can know more about J-mart through the store web site. Besides that, J-mart can also create a Facebook page for the customers to follow up them and leave their comment about the products or services of the
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