Case Study Of Google's Ethical Challenges In China

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Google’s Ethical Challenges in China China is one of the strictest countries when it comes to dealing with foreign multinational corporations. Any international company willing to set up shop in China must comply with the strict laws of doing business in the country. More often than not, international companies doing business in China face a lot of obstacles due to differences in values they stand for. For instance, Google. Inc. China is a classic example of a multinational corporation that has struggled to conduct successful business in China. One of the ethical challenges Google has faced in China is the frequent cyber-attacks that have been orchestrated by the Chinese government. In the article, Justin and Anna reveals that Google and…show more content…
The company uses CSR policies tailor made for the U.S. and other Western countries. Being an international company operating in a foreign nation, Google faces numerous obstacles regarding implementation of its CSR activities in China. International companies operating in China must adapt to the existing CSR policies that the country promotes. Therefore, Google finds it challenging to adjust and align its CSR policies according to the Chinese laws. The company has to adjust its policies to conform to the Chinese moral and ethical frameworks that guide CSR activities in the country. Google faces challenges doing business in China because its CSR policies are not compatible with the Chinese market. The regulatory conditions and the sociocultural norms, upon which Google’s CRS policies are founded, unfortunately are not applicable in China. As a foreign company not used to the country’s laws, Google is facing strict and constant social controls on its CSR activities. This deters Google’s operations in China since the Chinese government is unwilling to give in to Google’s demands. Therefore, the company has no choice but to adapt to China’s policies (Tan & Tan,
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