Case Study Of GMFC

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Breaking ground into a new country can be an exciting yet critical time for an organization. GMFC plans to expand into the US, building a large manufacturing plant, which will employ 500 employees. To combat the possibility of unionization, GMFC has established a planning committee for guidance. Many factor attributes to keeping a union out of the organization, following specific guidelines of the committee should warrant successful results. Location Finding the right location for GMFC is essential in establishing the organization’s ability to flourish. First the location must have ample space to hold all the equipment, contain an adequate inventory room and provide the necessary room for employees to work (Scherban, 2014). Secondly the location must have a place for staff to park (Scherban, 2014). A parking situation that doesn’t provide enough space for everyone causes dissatisfaction, providing parking near or at the facility will avoid this. Thirdly GMFC should be located in an isolated area, this will alleviate the…show more content…
Paying close attention to short-term issues will keep dissatisfaction at bay. Staying on top of short-term issues prevents them from escalating to long-term issues, and sends the message to employees that their issues matter. Essential people would rather not fight than fight. We are in a time where people would rather spend their time doing pleasant and enjoyable things versus the opposite. Today, people often fixate on victories, material gains, and winning something for people; fighting often involves tedious, tense, and hostile work and losing more on a social level than any immediate gains that might be achieved (Nappalos, 2014). Nappalos (2014) also found that workers persistently raise issues of respect, dignity, and injustice as their primary motivating force to join the union, that anger is what drives wage
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