Case Study Of Franklincovey's Leadership Strategies

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SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS As mentioned earlier in this case study, Covey’s leadership characteristics are developed in leaders across the globe through a world renowned training firm known as FranklinCovey. In Pakistan, it is working under the name of FranklinCovey Pakistan. They conduct training workshops in major urban cities of Cities such as Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Over the years they have provided regular courses of trainings and supporting manuals to the trainees to help them become effective leaders in their personal as well as professional lives. According to the FranklinCovey website, various types of trainings are conducted by the firm, out of which we focus only on the leadership solutions and workshops. List of Leadership Solutions by FranklinCovey Pakistan: The different Leadership solutions offered by FranklinCovey are as follows: • Clarifying Your Team’s Purpose and Strategy LiveClicks Webinar Workshop • Leading at the Speed of Trust • Organizational Trust LiveClicks Webinar Workshop • The 7 Habits for Managers • Executive Coaching • Leadership: Great Leaders, Great...

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