Case Study Of Dr. Brooke's Case

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Brooke reported to the main OR for an emergency surgery, a possible ruptured appendix. She checked the room and prepared the necessary equipment. During her preoperative visit, she noticed another physician would be on call would be on call with her. She was relieved she didn’t have to deal with Dr. Kane, which would just add to her already stressed out self. The surgeon and OR team were ready to start the case although the recovery room nurse had not returned the call sent out to her . Brooke announced, ”Go ahead. I will stay in recovery room with the patient until the recovery nurse comes in”. The case finished and was transferred to postop. The nurse had not arrived as of yet and Brooke proceeded with the normal recovery procedure. Not…show more content…
“You are using the wrong paperwork for the unit”. Brooke wasn’t sure if she should laugh or cry or for that matter scream at her and call her a crazy bitch. “Policy states you have up to one hour to arrive to the hospital in an emergent situation. It’s been almost two hours since we call out to you to arrive”. Brooke demanded. Brooke felt too tired to even care about anything at the moment. She quickly reported off to Sandy while she remained calm and professional. Brooke walked away and refused to engage in any further discussion with Sandy. “She is just an unhappy person without an ounce of true professionalism”. Her next patient arrived in preop and Brooke decided to assess the patient before calibrating her machine or checking her equipment. Examining the anesthesia equipment made her feel like a pilot ready to take off. She so wished some days. Being a pilot felt so much more adventurous than putting people asleep. I could see the world and travel to different places like Paris, London, and the Greek Islands she daydreamed as she waited for her next…show more content…
She never found that kind of friendship or camaraderie with a colleague for professional support. She remitted, the only time Brooke let her guard down in front of her colleagues occurred several years ago. As she approached a few nursing colleagues she shared her fears and uneasiness for the next pediatric patient. This child was in for repair of a cleft palate. “I never had the experience of intubating a child with this type of problem.” She honestly told them.” I am aware of the difficulties with cleft palate children and the various degrees of complications with these type of patients.” She continued with a few anatomy questions and looked forward to the challenge of this case. She found the information given to her by these nurses was helpful and thanked them. Soon after, the supervising anesthesiologist who was scheduled to work with her approached her and directed, “I will be taking over the next case Brooke. I heard about your uneasiness and hesitancy in caring for the next patient. “ The remark astonished her and she couldn’t believe it. These individuals went out of their way to report her as some kind of incompetent, emotional

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