Case Study Of Chemetall

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The seminar organized by the phantom 26th member of the practicum class. It was an introduction to the process and operation of the company he is working on. Mr. CJ Caipang is the sales supervisor of Chemetall Philippines. Chemetall is a company originated or founded in Germany, dating back to the 19th century when it was part of Metallgesellschaft. Its main product is to sell paint products and services to the automobile, airbus, appliances, metal forming and coil industry. He is in charge with transactions to the different customer providing paint quality service in every part of the nation and they're main headquartered is located in Taguig City. Unfortunately, there is no plant located in the Philippines only a sales office, hopefully in the future they will be able to put up and establish a…show more content…
Next step is to remove the degreasing agent through showering it with water. The rinsing has two basins the pre and after. It is cascaded so that water will be saved and reused for future rinsing. Then it proceeds with the pickling or dusting. In this process, the metal is submerged into a basin of acid to remove the rust or unwanted solid particles. The common acids used for the basin are nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and alkalis. He also indicated that the pickling should be done properly or else the powder coating finish will not be as smooth and tough as predicted. It will also result to paint failure and cause corrosion. Leaving the pickling section, it then proceeds to the seed seeding or the conditioning, through the conditioning uniform seed will be planted all over the surface creating a uniform distribution of pigments. Also, refining agents are added to produce fine crystal size and improve the properties. The final step is rinsing to improve corrosion resistance and extend the life of uncoated