Case Study Of CCK Fresh Mart

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Based on CCK Fresh Mart, the vision of the company is ‘The Food People of Choice”. While mission of company is ‘We are committed to provide quality food through our dedicated team of people to our customers thereby enhancing the economic well-being and quality of life of stakeholders. A successful company usually creates strategic plans to provide short term and long term vision where be aspire to become. In addition, they also have specified goal and objectives and strategic development plan to incrementally toward the realization of the vision. In the same time, company need to analyse the flow of the trend nowadays, changes of cultural, flexible work schedule and the most influencing is changes of global technologies. Vision and goal must…show more content…
In this sense employees can use Holland’s Theory of Personalities to help them understand their pattern of occupation and suitable work. Once the employees know their abilities then it is much easy for them to find their life objectives. Secondly, employee needs feedback on their performance regarding to the results of evaluation from upper level. Employees need to know their level in which stage to help them identify which part the need to make an improvement or reinforcement. Thirdly is focus on employee’s alternative and goals. Employees can gather information form department on the training development to see which most benefits to them is. Fourth is identifying how employees can achieve their goals. Company must provide on-going training to the employee all the time regarding to the changes technologies to make sure they are able to catch up new trend in the market. Determine training requirements and development need to enhancing a better career path to…show more content…
Usually this technique always applies in the company such as workshop and project team. Manager need to create a suitable content curriculum that related to employee job or show the skills on the job training so they able to implement on their job after the training. Then, support oriented activities also is intervention in individual is assist by other person in company that are more expert and professional. For example, coach and mentoring also career counselling. Coaching is more on emphasizing maximizing employee potential such as help increasing their perception and self-confidence level while mentoring focusing on providing employees guidelines, direction and career
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