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After reading the first part of the report, the things I would see as priorities would be initially to develop the knowledge bank on the hotel business overseas. Whilst the process of running a hotel in one country will be very similar to that of running one in another country, there are a number of things the business will not understand, and to avoid risk they need to quickly grasp the peculiarities of the local market quickly. Utilising the team of consultants employed will be critical, no information they provide should be ignored, it will all help.
I would then focus on the development of the personnel the business employs, given the news that a number of the management team would like to work overseas, a plan would have to be put in place
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These managers will act as the firm’s representatives, instilling our corporate values, whilst working to make the Brunt Hotels brand as special in France as is it here in the UK. It is a strategic aim to grow our European operations significantly over the next decade, so the possibility for development for the success applicants can not be…show more content…
Chief amongst them is the goal of delivering a first class customer experience, which you shall achieve by recruiting and developing the best hotel management/support team, to ensure your hotel runs as effectively and efficiently as possible.

You will be an entrepreneurial leader who has held a management role within the group, and be looking for your next challenge. You will have demonstrable commercial acumen, with practical financial experience, capable of controlling the budget and accounting process of a growing hotel. You will have an inclusive management style, supportive of your team, and have a demonstrable track record of developing teams. It is also expected that you will have experience of process development as a key focus of the role shall be the ongoing program of continuous development across the hotel, and the group.

On offer is the chance to play an integral part in the growth of the business, where your hard work and dedication shall be rewarded, and where your success could be a springboard to bigger things within the growing

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