Case Study Of Animal Welfare Concerns With Native Craig Markham

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Animal Welfare Concerns with Ontario Native Craig Markham When Craig Markham was not working as a Law Enforcement Officer or teaching self defense through judo, he could be found spending time as an advocate for animal welfare. The concept of animal welfare, the total well being of animals, is a vast topic. There are many things to consider under this umbrella, including the type of animals in question. There are some animal welfare activists and supporters who are primarily concerned with domesticated pets, while others focus more on wildlife or farm animals. Markham follows the concerns of each type of animal, and their need for proper care. As a Police Constable, he was exposed to situations where animals were abused or neglected. This is…show more content…
Craig Markham Learned His Work Ethic Through Construction After graduating high school and turning down a scholarship to the University of California for baseball, Craig Markham started his professional career in the family business of construction. He worked with his father for nearly five years while paying for hi own college tuition to become a Law Enforcement Officer. Working full time while attending school full time was a big responsibility. He was forced to learn the real world lessons of prioritization, time management, and work ethic. In the end, he was able to assist his father 's construction business while maintaining good grades and graduating. Markham values his time spent in construction, and the feelings that building something with your own two hands evokes. Working in this industry is not a glamorous job, it is dirty and tough more often than not. Yet, the ability to recognize a building or structure that you had a hand in creating is a great joy. The items that are built by construction crews are commonly vital to the community. There is great satisfaction in knowing that your skills and expertise made a positive impact on the area around you and the people who call the city home. Learning how to juggle the daily responsibilities of education and work is a lesson that Craig Markham took with him when he became a Law Enforcement Officer. He knows that the five years he spent as a construction worker enabled him to become the hard working and dedicated professional that he is
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