Case Study Of Andrea

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On April 19th in 1967, a baby by the name Andrea was born. She was 5 pounds and 8 ounces and thankfully, there were no complications during the pregnancy or during birth. However, Andrea was left at the hospital for nine days because the doctors were checking for blue baby syndrome, which is a reduction in the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood. As a result of this she lost 4 pounds, other than that she was a healthy baby. When she was cared for at the hospital Andrea got her days and nights backward, the night nurses would hold her and give her attention while in the daytime she slept. There was one other complication that was prevented before it was too late, when Andrea’s mother Terry was at the hospital to take her home the doctors almost…show more content…
She was good with strangers and an easygoing baby that was not demanding. Andrea was given formula as a baby but would throw it up every day, the formula did not agree with her so at two months her mother, Terry gave her store bought milk, which caused no complications. Andrea recalled that her earliest childhood memory was when she was five years old when she and her family moved into their first house in Kahoka Missouri. This relates to infantile amnesia, which explains why Andrea can only remember a few memories of when she was a child and not all of them from being an infant. Andrea has three brothers, one brother is 11 months older and the other two brothers are four and six years younger. As a child Andrea was close with her older brother, Gary-jo because they were so close in age, she babied the youngest brother, Adam and did not get along with Cody, the brother that was four years younger. As an adult, Andrea is very close with Cody because he lives in the same town and they see each other all the time. Andrea is close with all of her brother but Gary-jo lives in a different state and Adam lives in Australia so face-to-face contact is harder for…show more content…
This is related to the attachment theory because as an infant through adolescents her mother was the primary caregiver. Her mother was a stay at home mother so the bond formed between the mother and children was closer than the father’s relationship. As a child she or her siblings were not left alone they were either at home with their mother, at their grandparent’s house, or at a friend’s home. Andrea knew how to take care of herself and she was independent but she was never left alone as a child. Andrea’s relationship with her father was not as close as her mother’s because he was the primary source of income he was always working. He was not available to the children’s needs as the role of a father. As parents they would fall under the authoritative parents category, they would always meet there children’s needs while enforcing parental control. They would also encourage their children’s independence and search for potential. When it came to discipline her father and mother would spank or she would be sent to her
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