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Amazon is constantly searching for opportunities to meet their needs of their customers. They are centered around the customer problem, how the current solutions fail, and how the new product will blow away existing solutions. Amazon has maintained a strategic focus of staying true to what it’s founder, Jeff Bezos, says are customer constants (Mochari, n.d.). Customers are going to continue to want low prices, quick delivery, and a vast selection. Amazon is targeting a gigantic market and it is growing faster than any of its competitors. In 2015, Amazon took 23.4% of America’s 94 billion dollar retail spending (Wahba, 2015). However, as we know Amazon is not only a retail provider. Amazon competes with Google in the world of cloud computing.…show more content…
Culturally we see a shift in how kids are spending their time. Children are spending less time with traditional toys and moving quickly to things like music, internet, and movies. My eight year old daughter dresses her dolls virtually, she creates outfits, hairstyles, and makeup all in a virtual world. She can change them 50 different times and in 50 different ways. The world of tablets, smartphones, and devices of every type, including toys that contain computer chips, memory, voice recognition, and interactive connectivity have permanently altered the landscape of toy playing. Competitors such as Hasbro have been dominating this new market (Introducing Interactive Technology, 2011). Mattel has a competitive advantage with some astonishingly large with companies such as; Disney, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, and Sesame Workshop (Mattel, n.d.). This provides them access to several prominent characters and opportunities to create and develop an array of product offerings sporting these names. When going to market with a new television show, movie, game, or musical performance companies are now looking at all avenues to create brand awareness. Companies accomplish this through interactive toys, games, blogs, youtube, and countless digital avenues (Introducing Interactive Technology, 2011). Mattel possess the brand recognition to continue to lead the toy industry, but they must embrace and understand the evolving consumer to progress their company and their toys to the next

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