Case Study: Obama's Pineapple Plantation In Green Obama

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The name for this case is Juliet v Obama, which mean Juliet is the appellant and Obama is the respondent. 1st Issues: (Invitation to treat) Obama’s pineapple plantation in Green Acres was put up for sale. Was Obama making an invitation to treat or an offer? Rules: According to Section 2 (a) of the Contract Act 1950 defines the deals as an undertaking by one party to the other party that it will do something or abstain from doing something if the other party is willing to accept or comply fully with all the conditions mentioned by the party making the promise. Once there is an offer and acceptance, this will create a meeting of minds between the two parties. Otherwise, an offer must be distinguish from preliminary negotiations or mere supply of information and invitation to treat. For invitation to treat, an invitation to treat is an action by one party which may appear to be a contractual offer but which is actually inviting others to make an offer of their own. Invitation to treat is still not an offer; it may be seen as a request for expressions of interest. The person who accep...

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