Case Study: Mobile Dialog And Customer Involvement In China's Tourism Industry

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6.1.1 Mobile Dialog and Customer involvement in china’s tourism industry
The first part is the mobile dialog. Companies cannot fully understand customer’s expectation if there is no customers who are directly involved into the collaborative interaction (Durugbo and Pawar, 2014). Mobile apps technically solve this problem by enabling customers’ dialog with companies through both the real-time chatting function and commenting function. As a result, because of mobile applications such as Wechat (real-time chatting) and Dianpin (real-commenting), boundaries between tourists and firms are disappearing (Sawhney, Verona, & Prandelli, 2005).
During the service designing and delivering stage, customers (tourists) can communicate with firms to achieve a mutual learning effect (Ballantyne 2004). There are some specific areas where tourists need guidance participate in value co-creation (e.g. CS AIR’s mobile booking system). Deployment of the real-time dialog service will guide them properly to co-create value.
In addition, effective communication can connect stakeholders together to derive a customized and co-produced service (Lusch and Vargo, 2007). In China’s tourism industry, after interviewing 7 representative companies, we found that mobile customizing is an essential way for companies to improve their competitiveness.
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The findings are consistent with qualitative analysis. However, the survey shows that only 32% tourists effectively comment on their mobile devices during their traveling cycle. Even both of tourists and firms agree that mobile technology can facilitate their involvement in value co-creation, there should be further development of technology to make tourists comment easier. Thus more tourists will collaboratively communicate with firms via their mobile
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