Case Study: Meredith And Mantel: Project Managers

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As discussed in our text Meredith and Mantel (2012), the project managers (PM) duties and responsibilities are to build a team with knowledgeable persons and/or work with groups already involved in the project to help motivate them and work on the project together. The PM is responsible for the project to schedule start and end dates for steps in the project, complete the steps in the project to the established dates, and to reach the completion date within the projected cost. The PM is responsible to maintain the delivery of machinery or outside source supplied material. The PM is responsible to see and control conflicts in the project, no matter if it is time delays or employees disagreeing on a subject. The PM is responsible to negotiate changes or to make goal trade-offs to maintain the stability. The PM must also share problems with senior management to eliminate un-trust and to keep the senior management involved and supportive of the project without allowing sudden surprises. To look at how critical a PM is to the success of the project, takes me back to the class on Team Management. A PM has the same importance to the success of the project, as does a team leader to the success in their…show more content…
Which of the many purposes of the project portfolio process are most important to a firm with a low project management maturity? Which to a firm with high maturity? In this subject, we are trying to determine which project portfolio process (PPP) purpose as listed by Meredith, Mantel (2012), is best suited for a low project management maturity organization, and which is best suited for a high project management maturity organization. In reality, there is not an easy way to answer the question. All of the purposes are critical to a successful project management organization whether they are a low or high maturity level. See the list below for the twelve purposes. 1. To identify proposed projects that are not really projects and should be handled through other

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