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My understanding of case management comes from an accumulation of lecture, readings, and a little bit of research. At first I thought case management meant to manage a case, which it kind of does, but it is a lot of background work that goes unnoticed from the workers part. One thing for sure I can say about case management is that is a very stressful and demanding job for the worker, therefore, you have to be a responsible worker, so that your client can hopefully get the services and resources he or she may need. As a case management worker your responsibilities are many, for example you are to educate, empower and enable your client to be self sufficient. To my understanding, the worker is to help the client better the situation they are in, part of case management is the fact the case management is a journey, which means that even after providing the necessary services your client may need, the worker is still responsible to keep in touch with the client to evaluate and make sure the services and resources provided are producing positive outcomes for the client. Furthermore, the job of the case worker not only provides temporary or long term assistance to clients, but helps to inspire and teach individuals how to make change and help themselves. As far as my internship we still have not started seeing clients, however, one of our interns is responsible for handling the case management services. Since our program was not established we had to build it from the ground up, so I was intrigued to see the hard work that goes into putting resources /services together to offer in our case management services. It was quite interesting to see my fellow intern put everything together from finding agencies that could provide shelter, f... ... middle of paper ... ... of the most important skills you can posse as a social worker, because you need information in order to help your client, therefore, the better you are at it the easier your task will be. Another area I need to challenge myself in is being a knowledgeable advocator. Part of being an advocator is being well informed of the services that agencies offer, so that I could be a more effective case manager. It consists of doing research and visiting different agencies to have an idea of the services offered within the community you are working in. Finally as an advocator you are part in a position in which you strive to hopefully bring positive change for your client. In addition, as a advocator you also have to be aware of the policies that are effecting the client in a negative way, so that you can take the initiative to create change for the betterment of the client.

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