Case Study : Management And Management

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Consulting and management are experts who are skilled in solving problems, create and implement strategies, and improve the overall working environment of the organization. Consultants assist their clients in solving issues within the company and to develop a plan for improving the company’s future goals. Businesses hire these professionals for their unbiased opinion. They conduct research, perform data analysis, provide feedback, and present their results of their findings. However, a management consultant will not or not always be a part in the implementing the plan (Canato & Giangreco, 2011). Organizations in the United States spend billions yearly on incentive programs, which became a problem with management questioning its effectiveness. New research shows that these programs can improve work performance and motivation. However, it has to be administered in ways that focus on all related problems in performance and motivation. These finding suggest that many organizations do not know how to create an incentive program that yields the desired outcomes. Many researchers have investigated the influence of incentive programs in times past. There was no clear conclusion between the business associates and these programs to deliver the desired results relating to performance and motivation (Bosko et al., 2016). Another comprehensive study was created to examine the methods of incentive programs, the effectiveness and circumstances on how these programs operate, and to investigate the atmosphere within the organization to see what works and what do not work (Johnson, 1996). The author designed this research to study: how do incentive programs enhance work performance; the effectiveness of a specific program; what organization emplo... ... middle of paper ... ... as alternating positions, team work, and shift changes are applicable ways to improve motivation. The author states that motivational features of substitution working patterns and additional incentives are being respected by many organizations. Still, some companies are not in favor of taking advantage of these opportunities. A noteworthy perspective on the issue has been developed; it should be clear of what manager should be able to continue their unique motivation in order to employ successful motivation to their employees. It is suggested that managers need to embrace a practical style of employing in self-sufficient motivational behaviors. Moreover, it is recommended to focus on particular differences of intangible motivational features such as birthday recognition and important milestones so that everyone in the department can celebrate (Lavanya et al., 2015).

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