Case Study: Kodak

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Kodak value was his strategy which was incremental innovation and successful innovation; it was created for customer satisfaction. It was hard to compete with Kodak in his field. Company started looking outside the canals tried to use its platform for totally different product which by itself needs new organization and consolidation of new resources. Company faced a number of changes in management, all managers were trying to lead own politics which was huge expenses for the company and tendency of losing market share. Sony’s Disruptive innovation filmless digital camera was real thunderstorm for Kodak. Kodak was in maturity level and could not handle such a shift. Kodak had several alternatives and approaches it could go along with: First, too much diversification and dissemination of resources was not a good strategy, rather Kodak should have focus on one line. Kodak should have seen an opportunity and the new era of the digitalized society, and finance R&D in this direction. Second, Hybrid type of products was a wrong approach Kodak tried to pursue. It might have been a strategic mistake to partly regard digital imaging as a way to leverage upon its film business. Rather, Kodak should have focus mainly on this digitalized direction. Third, Kodak should have bring new brains in middle management and forget the traditional approaches, it needed different skills and fast approaches. Kodak also, could create extra complimentary for digital camera which might be mass used like (memory card) Conclusion: Kodak was very traditional at its core. It did not like change. As Kodak started to diversify its products through medical technology rather than to see the future of the business and find the new approaches. Kodak should hav... ... middle of paper ... ...the company held back for fear of hurting its lucrative film business, even after digital products were reshaping the market and maintained non-aggressive marketing and innovation strategy. Conclusion: Digital imaging can be a disruptive innovation as it changed the era of this business and transformed the players in the market. Companies can leverage their technological assets in new markets in case they really concentrate on their key capabilities and use smart strategies to acquire the necessary market knowhow. Digital era is the era of technological disruption which shifted the consumer to more comfortable approaches. As technologies are developing it will go the same direction but use high end products and will not leave a market as did the film industry before. The new era in not close at their still is the room for digital technology to develop and grow.

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