Case Study: John Lasseter´s Career

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What child does not grow up to want to be a part of Disney in one way or another? Walt Disney Company opened its doors in 1923. In 1937 the very first fully animated cartoon was released, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. Disney Studios became an inspiration for many cartoonists, but none more than, John Lasseter. Lasseter dreamed of becoming part of the Walt Disney Company family. As a child he watched the 1963 film, “The Sword and the Stone”, and told his mother he wanted to draw for Disney. In high school Lasseter read “The Art of Animation” and discovered his passion and people could earn a living by drawing cartoons. He immediately started writing Disney Studios and let them know he was extremely interested in drawing cartoons for them. Disney Studio representatives told Lasseter to get a great art education. Lasseter attended the California Institute of Arts and enrolled in the Character Animation Program. During the summer he would get jobs with Disney which only made him more passionate about animation. In 1979, Lasseter finally joined the Disney family as an animator.
In the early 1980’s, computer graphics technology for animation was being introduced and Lasseter became captivated. Disney was not as captivated with it as Lasseter was, but Disney executives gave Lasseter and a colleague a chance to make a 30 second test film. Disney bumped the idea due to executives not liking Lasseter and talking negatively to the studio head about the pitch. Lasseter found out what had happened and knew the studio head had made up his mind before he even walked in. Not only the same day, but within minutes after the pitch, John Lasseter was fired from Disney by a superior who did not care for him and made it very obvio...

... middle of paper ... you learn as you go. When you make a mistake, you do not do it again. Power and politics are rampant in organizations, so make ethical decisions and you are sure to go to the top.

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