Case Study: Job Redesign, The Analysis

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Job Redesign, The Analysis In the case study, Job Redesign for Expanded HIM Functions by Elizabeth Layman, PhD, she suggests the options to assist leaders and members of an organization to work wisely when work and jobs are redesigned. And in order to help both managers and employees of an organization, she provides pointers to job redesign, some aspects to consider, and to implement solutions. It also implies job enrichment, which provides the employee more tasks to do, but at the same time responsibility and authority needed to complete these tasks. The job redesign is a tool a manager can use to reorganize certain aspects of the duty so that the employee does not become dull. Layman’s contributions are directed to minimize the impact of…show more content…
Successful implementation of roles and functions of job enrichment to the department of an organization, can lead to reaching the desirable goals. For instance, early assessment and detection can change and unlock the potential of an employee, a department, and the organization. It can help identify any barriers so that specific “incident plans” (, 2015) is designed to resolve the issue at hand. The job enrichment can definitely have some impact in organizations. First of all, the job enrichment is created as “motivational action.” (, 2015) And its main purpose is to defeat certain factor such as “monotony of routine tasks”. (, 2015) It is implied that these actions, such job enrichment often motivate employees, who may find it stressful because of the extra duties assigned. As the action describes, it “enrichment” (, 2015) adds more rather than take away what is already on their plate. Once again, depending up on the events and changes that leaders can execute in an organization and as new task are assigned and restructuring is executed, jobs can be distorted and employees can be leave. In conclusion, job enrichment, if not systematically and accurately

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