Case Study: Jeanmarie Vs. Peoples

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Elizabeth Espinoza MGMT 230 – 01 Case Number: 27.1 Jeanmarie v. Peoples 34 So.3d 945 (2010) FACTS: Anthony and Alcibia Jeanmarie sold a house to a woman named Melanie Murray. Murray used two loans with balances of $104,000 and $26,000 from Encore Credit Corporation to secure the mortgage for the property. Mark Peoples, who works for Pyramid Title, LLC, made sure to sign the check of $110,303.86 to pay the Jeanmaries for the property sold. However, there were insufficient funds for the company since the loan of $26,000 was not “timely funded,” according to Peoples. The Jeanmaries took Peoples to court because they believe he is liable for the returned check because Peoples had authorized the check with his signature. ISSUE: Was Mark Peoples

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