Case Study: Investment & Wealth Management

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My decision to apply for the MSc Investment & Wealth Management at Imperial Business School is one that arose after a judicious process where I questioned my career aspirations. The strong interest in financial markets and its dynamic has matured during my undergraduate studies and my internships at MOMentum Alternative Investments SA. A deep and precise comprehension of the investment banking world in its dynamic context can be an essential force to successfully balance risk and reward. I am conscious that the knowledge gained at Royal Holloway lacks of understanding fully the financial market and therefore the ability to successfully analyse performance and design a strategy. The MSc at Imperial can fill such a vital gap, enabling me…show more content…
The invaluable experiences have developed my skills and shaped my personality, becoming more ambitious and flexible. Between May and June 2016 I worked at MOMentum Alternative Investments SA as Buy- Side Equity Analyst. I analysed various company financial documents and had to make recommendations for the Portfolio Managers. I was also able to shadow him, gaining an exciting insight into my dream job. I got familiar with analysts’ reports, the main valuation methodologies and market multiples. I also had the possibility of conducting independent analysis supervised by the Portfolio Manager. The most intriguing part was attending company road shows, as this gave me the possibility to deeply understand the firms and their strategies. My most remarkable duty was presenting Equity Stories to the Portfolio Managers with the objective to support them on their investment decision. I had the possibility of learning the use of Bloomberg Terminals. My internships have carved my career prospects and have simultaneously allowed me to identify my weaknesses and how these can be improved. Having different practical experiences in the business world has permitted me to foster traits essential to being a top manager. I believe these skills can help me in the future when, hopefully, one day I will have the opportunity to meet with potential investors, management of firms and

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