Case Study: I Am Loyal To Pour Baby

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A. I am loyal to Pour Baby because of the laid back, classy environment, the employees, the owner, and the delicious food. Out of every wine bar I have been to in Mobile, Pour Baby is now my wine bar of choice. The way the restaurant is set up, with the fancy lighting and the high tops and sofas, gives off a classy vibe. The setting is extremely professional. The employees there are polite and attentive. The owner walks around throughout the night and converses with each of his customers as if they are all old friends. He knows most of them, my family included, by name. My mom and I go on occasion, and he always asks how business is going, how we have been, and says he hopes to see us again soon. In addition to the people and the environment, the food is amazing! B. I am loyal to Neuks because of the service and amazing food. I have never waited more than five to eight minutes on my food at Neuks no matter how many people are ahead of me. I have been too fast food restaurants and waited longer. The quality of the food meets my expectations every time. If…show more content…
I plan on not going back to the Hilton hotel in New Orleans. The service was not terrible, but for $279 a night, I expected a little more. I did like how they had valet parking. It was nice not to have to try to find somewhere to park in New Orleans. I did not like how their employees seemed like they had no idea what they were doing. For example, I bought a Powerade from their shop for $2.75. The next day I bought another and it cost $3.75. It took them ten minutes to ring it up and there were no other customers and three front desk employees. When I arrived, I ordered a hamburger from the dine-in cafeteria. It took thirty minutes and I was the only customer! It took the waiter twenty minutes to get the check and never came back. Therefore, I just left a full twenty dollars on a nine-dollar bill. In addition, certain things, which were specified in the room description, were not in the room when we

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