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Hyundai motors limited Hyundai motor co. established in the year 1967 which is a south Korean largest auto producer as well as sold up to 659,550 units in the Korean domestic market in the year 2010. Initially Hyundai started with assembling cars and trucks for the ford company in their own factory. In the year 1975 Hyundai manufactured its first car named ‘Hyundai cortina’ in partnership with ford. After two years of time Hyundai has become 13th largest automaker in the world by holding 2% of share of world retail market. Hyundai motors ranked as the fifth largest automaker in the world in the year 2007. Hyundai initially in 1976 exported pony which was independently produced vehicle. At present Hyundai export more than a million ranging from sedans, SUV, trucks buses etc. during 2010 it sold about 3.6 million cars worldwide which is 16.3% from 2009. In the year 1975 company determined to manufacture cars under the name of…show more content…
Due to its quality and lower pricing it also proved to be the best seller. In 1986 Hyundai sold more than 160000 cars and which has become 260000 in the next year. Now Hyundai has strongly built itself as strong competitors in the automotive industry. Hyundai sonata was the next car which was introduced in the year 1988. this model did not make any big hit on US however Hyundai currently produce 4000000 units per year. Hyundai restructured them through heavily investing towards quality, research, design and production of its vehicles. As a result of this Hyundai brought out with first proprietary gasoline engine along with its own transmission including the 4 cylinder alpha. Hyundai introduced 10 year warranty or 10000 mile warranty for all the cars which is sold in the united states. This introduction led to the creation of brand image and given rise to more and more customers to choose Hyundai cars over the other
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