Case Study: Federacion Panet: A De Futbol

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Federacion Paname;a de Futbol

Soccer here in Panama is nowadays 2014 the leading sport practiced among Panamanians, but this is not a thing from 5 years to now, although we have had and still having many important representative athletes in other disciplines like basketball, baseball and boxing, soccer has always been one of the most relevant sports for every Panamanian. That’s why it is so important to more than know, explore this community. The principle authority that guide soccer in Panama is FEPAFUT (Federacion Panamae;a de Futbol) which is the official governing body of football (soccer) in Panama and is in charge of the Panama national football team. FEPAFUT was a founding member of CONCACAF(The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football) in 1961.

FEPAFUT is the entity that charges with the responsibility of our National Soccer League named LPF (Liga Panamena de Futbol) which is composed by 10 teams for every parts of the Republic of Panama and also for all the sub-leagues, that are below the professional standards for a league to be professional here in Panama. According to Jose Miguel Dominguez Flores, who is the press officer of LPF in FEPAFUT, the way that they communicate through the different
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They are looking for better infrastructures for the stadiums to be more professionals, for better salaries for the players and the most important, little by little forming a soccer culture that involves the whole family going to the stadiums and getting the society into soccer. How? By promoting the game into something that really worth it, for example, to prefer a soccer game than going to drink alcohol to a disco, or preferring soccer from doing any illegal acts. Most of them young people, children, kids, who can see a future in this sport by having discipline and those willingness of succeed to be something in

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