Case Study Ethical Dilemma

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Ethical Dilemma: Case Study According to McGonigle and Matrian (2014), ethical decision making is a systematic process that refers to making informed choices pertaining to ethical dilemmas using a set of established standards to differentiate right from wrong. Ethical dilemmas tend to occur when moral issues, that is society’s opinion of what is right and wrong, raises questions that cannot be answered using clearly defined rules, facts, or authoritative views (McGonigle & Matrian, 2014, p. 71). Fortunately, ethical decision making frameworks can be used as a guide to assist clinicians to reach a rational and justifiable decision (McGonigle & Matrian, 2014). In the case study presented, the Ethical Model for Ethical Decision Making will be applied to analyze an ethical dilemma and to synthesize information obtained using problem-solving, critical-thinking, and decision-making skills in order to reach a justifiable decision (McGonigle 2000; McGonigle & Matrian, 2014). Identification of the Ethical Dilemma and Issues Sue has a professional, ethical, and legal obligation to advocate for a patient’s rights to privacy and confidentiality of their medical records…show more content…
In addition, she could obtain consent from the hospital’s IRB to access, use, and/or disclose certain aspects of the patient’s healthcare information. Nonetheless, Sue is obligated not to disclose a patient’s protected healthcare information such as their name, social security number, and/or other identifiable information even if consent is granted (McGowan, 2012). She could also use data published in peer-reviewed journals. By doing so, Sue could avoid violating hospital policies, the HIPPA privacy rules, and/or the ANA code of ethics to complete the college assignment (McGonigle & Matrian,

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