Case Study: Effective Managerial Leadership

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Case Study: Effective Managerial Leadership The successful implementation of a public policy to solve a social problem will greatly depend on the abilities of a public administrator. Furthermore, numerous case studies can show examples of how a successful public agency administrator can achieve goals through dedication and commitment. The following discussion will present a thorough analysis of main political, social, and economic forces that affected Dr. Gayle in establishing legislation to fight the AIDS epidemic as is presented in the case study Managing Across Boundaries: A Case Study of Dr. Helene Gayle and the AIDS Epidemic. Main Political Forces That Were Faced The case study being analyzed presents Dr. Gayle’s career as a public administrator who throughout her career has raised awareness to the increasing social problem of the AIDS epidemic. Furthermore, the case study presents several political forces that Dr. Gayle had to surpass. Among the political forces that were presented in the case study included not only cooperating with numerous agencies within the federalism structure of the United States, but also cooperating with numerous countries around the world that had high numbers of known HIV/AIDS cases among their population. Additionally, political forces present a major obstacle in both obtaining funds and cooperation among such agencies to achieve a common goal. As the case explains, Dr. Gayle was able to surpass this obstacle and obtain support as is evident by the fact that “[she] is very intuitive in her understanding about how political systems and individuals work…she has a very good appreciation of this, which allows her to make the system work constructively” (Riccucci, 2002, p 17). Another reaso... ... middle of paper ... ...nities, and global partners-is her skillful interpersonal relations” (Riccucci, 2002, p 16). Thus she has been able to get agencies be part of the equation. Results Conclusively, this case presents a clear example of how a public agency administrator who has the passion, knowledge, will, and skills to make an honest difference in the lives of the individuals can accomplish his or her vision of a better community that can in turn make a difference across international borders. Works Cited Riccucci, N. (2002). Managing across boundaries: a case study of dr. helene gayle and the aids epidemic. The Business of Government, Retrieved from Starling, G. (2011). Managing the public sector. (9 ed.). Boston, MA: Wadsworth.
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