Case Study: Doctor Money And The Boy With No Penis

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To conduct a successful research study it must go through a series of steps. Researchers must be responsible in terms of how they conduct their research, which includes the gathering of facts, the ethical treatment of what they are studying and of the participants. In the movie viewed in class, “Doctor Money and the Boy With No Penis,” it is obvious that Doctor John Money did not treat either Bruce or Brian Reimer properly. Taking advantage of Bruce’s malfunctioned circumcision, Doctor Money wanted to conduct research on his theory about what makes us a man from a woman, and if a boy can be raised as a girl. He developed a profound new theory on nature vs. nurture as he wished to explain how we think of ourselves as either a boy or
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The first possible error is inaccurate observations. Since observing participants in a research study is considered conscious activity, the researcher can easily make mistakes. These mistakes can range from not paying attention to forgetting a detail when trying to recall it later. Another issue that Doctor Money’s research can be linked to pertains to his theory about nature vs. nurture. As discussed in Chapter 1, this is the issue of overgeneralization. Doctor Money was attempting to prove his theory simple with one research with the twins. He did not conduct any other studies simultaneously or afterwards to prove his theory to stand correct. Replication is important in terms to back up a theory. This is because when a research is replicated many times and the same results are equivalent to the first time, it is found that the particular theory or research has been proved correct. A danger of overgeneralization is the possibility of leading to selective observation. When Doctor Money came up with the theory and published his work as a success, no other scientists/psychologist looked to replicate his study to see whether results would be the same time after time. Therefore, for a while it was believed that a child could be nurtured into a sex other than the one they were born into. However, after the twins went public and

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